Hydrogen energy fund


The Hydrogen Energy Fund (HEF) allows investors to access long term investment projects in hydrogen initiatives globally. ARC has built a consortium with top-tier suppliers specializing in delivering hydrogen for use in a zero emission, fuel-cell electric mobility platform that includes transit buses and heavy-duty trucks.

Currently this consortium is working to deliver the lowest cost Fuel Cell Electric Bus (FCEB) platform in the world to support zero-emission public transit in developing markets.


It will take a combined effort of academia, government, and industry to bring about the change from a gasoline economy to a hydrogen economy. The forces are building and progress is being made. It is of major importance that a change of this magnitude not be forced on unwilling participants, but that all of us work together for an economically viable path to change.
— Geoffrey Ballard (1932-2008)

ballard power systems

Ballard Power Systems is a leading global provider of hydrogen fuel cell solutions, with 40 years of experience in renewable energy innovation.

In 2017, Ballard manufactured 6,000 fuel cell stacks and 644 motive modules in 2017. Buses equipped with Ballard technology have travelled more than 12 million kilometers.


engie resources

Engie is a multinational electric utility company, which is focused on three core activities : low-carbon power generation, mainly based on natural gas and renewable energy; global networks and customer solutions. Engie offers integrated - low-carbon, high-performing and sustainable solutions based on digital technologies.

Engie has 150,000 employees in 70 countries who, together with our customers and partners, form a community of imaginative builders who invent and build today’s solutions for tomorrow.

frank bruel.jpg
Green hydrogen as a clean energy for mobility is no longer the stuff of science fiction or restricted to prototypes. Having said that, the entire sector – energy producers, car manufacturers, public bodies, etc. – must continue to mobilize to ensure that it becomes one of the key alternative fuels, contributing to a decarbonized and harmonious world while meeting the growing demands of mobility. - Franck Bruel, Executive VP