Global problems call for global solutions.

Access to global projects that matter.

ARC is an alternative investment firm dedicated to the development of large-scale, high impact investments.


ARC aims to provide access to investment opportunities that will have the most impact on sustaining human life in the 21st century.

Orchestration of Capital

ARC acknowledges that the World is facing many problems that can only be addressed by coordinating investments on a global scale.

Our approach is to rectify this situation by closing the funding gap between projects and global asset managers.

Through combining the efforts of stakeholders, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and top financial talent, we aim to build the most efficient and transparent route for capital to flow from problem to solution.


ARC's pursuit is to radically accelerate the development and manifestation of deserving projects.

Acceleration of Projects

Our key objective is to catalyze the development of sustainable impact projects.

ARC targets opportunities that are poised for outsized performance, both in terms of societal benefit and economic return.

By strategically targeting areas that can benefit from technology enhancements, we radically accelerate project progression and practical implementation.

Population Health

Achieve near 100% global surveillance of infectious disease outbreaks independent of socio-economic status


Achieve near 100% electrification of public transit in 40 of the World's largest cities


We focus on sustainable impact projects on the verge of major technological improvements.


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